Jana has over 20 years experience in organic analytical chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry and forensic drug chemistry. Her expertise includes analysing and characterising illicit drugs and agricultural chemicals.

She holds BSc (Hons) Degree in Chemistry and is completing her PhD in organic chemistry. Jana is a member of the United National Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) consultative committee on the analysis and characterisation of heroin, cocaine and amphetamine type substances and has presented at several UNODC meetings.

Specific achievements and contributions include:

  • Introduced illicit drug characterisation into Australia
  • Co-developed a major program for heroin characterisation, particularly for analysing trace inorganic impurities, which has been accepted as the valid analytical tool for illicit drug characterisation. The US Drug Enforcement Agency and the Netherlands National Forensic Institute are now adopting these methods Instrumental in the incorporation of the use of drug profiling methods for prosecution purposes
  • Developed methods for characterising of ATS and cocaine, now used for prosecution and strategic intelligence purposes.
  • Developed an innovative method to characterise amphetamine and methamphetamine, and a method for chiral derivatisation used for clandestine laboratory samples, requested by several international laboratories
  • Awarded a fellowship by the Japanese Ministry of Health to lecture on ATS profiling at Tokyo and Hiroshima Universities and to help Japanese scientists to master the SPE technique
  • Created a leading edge and more accurate method for the total quantitation and characterisation of methamphetamine
  • Developed a method to separate dyes present in MDMA tablets combined with LC/MS for analysis and identification.
  • Initiated the synthesis of analytical standards of heroin impurities.
  • Initiated a radio carbon dating method to determine the year of production of naturally derived or semi-synthetic illicit drug samples.
  • Initiated and supervising a project for the synthesis of heroin.

Her experience is as follows:

  • Leading Forensic Scientist, Australian Government Analytical Laboratories. As leader of the illicit drug characterisation group, Jana became nationally and internationally recognised as Australia’s foremost expert in the field, co-author of four United Nations Drug Control Program technical manuals, and was responsible for developing the drug characterisation and profiling methodology used by the Australian Forensic Drug Laboratory.
  • Jana planned and managed numerous heroin and cocaine characterisation research projects and developed methods for heroin characterisation. These methodologies have been widely used for prosecution purposes, strategic intelligence and the establishment of the National Heroin database, the precursor to the National Heroin Signature Program.
  • Senior Chemist and Research Chemist with AGAL
  • Quality Control Chemist with a food production company
  • University teacher of organic chemistry.
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