Zoran’s main areas of research interest have been analysing and profiling illicit drugs and developing statistical methods to interpret the results. He has published several scientific articles in this area and has presented at national and international conferences.

His main areas of expertise include:

  • Drug profiling, including development of leading edge methodologies
  • Developing analytical and research methodologies
  • Analysing pharmaceutical and drug samples
  • Quality assurance in forensic and other analytical laboratories
  • Laboratory, business and project management

Zoran hold a BSc (Hons) Degree in Chemistry and has over 20 years’ experience in analytical chemistry and forensic science. This includes:

  • Director of the Australian Forensic Drug Laboratory for six years, servicing the Australian Federal Police, NSW Police Crime Agencies, the National Crime Authority, Commonwealth and State Departments of Public Prosecution, the Australian Customs Service, the Australian Defence Force and authorised private clients. Services included analysing illicit drugs for identity and purity, drug profiling, tactical and strategic intelligence, professional advice, training, expert opinion and testimony and chemistry related training for Police and external laboratory staff.
  • He was responsible for leading the Laboratory’s research and development program and providing support to the Joint Drug Intelligence Team. Under his leadership, the Laboratory achieved national and international recognition for excellence in drug analysis, particularly profiling.

Key achievements and contributions at AFDL included:

  • Restructuring AFDL into a modern facility using the most advanced methodologies
  • Developing the laboratory to meet continually changing law enforcement and business environments
  • Developing and standardising an analytical methodology for drug identification and analysis
  • Managing the national Heroin Signature Program to determine the origin of seized heroin and the connections between seizures, a technique now commonly used by the Australian Federal Police
  • Pioneering Australian research in the application of SFE technology in organic analysis.
  • Head of Research and Development, Australian Government Analytical Laboratories, being head analytical chemist and Deputy Australian Government Analyst.
  • He has also held posts in analytical chemistry in international manufacturing and health and environmental protection organisations and was a guest lecturer in chemistry at the University of Newcastle.