5-Batch Studies

Since 2003, Agrifor Scientific has completed over 850 projects on over 250 active substances. Our understanding of impurity profiles and whether those profiles will meet International regulatory requirements is World Class. We offer both GLP and Non-GLP reports depending on country requirements.

Certificate of Analysis

Agrifor will provide Certificates of Analysis for Technical grade material, active and impurity standards and re-certified standards. Certificates such as ABNT Certificate (Brazil) are also provided for physical and chemical analysis reports. Certificates can be authenticated and legalised as required to support document requirements in individual countries.

Formulation Development

Agrifor Scientific works with key suppliers of surfactant and solvent systems to assist our clients in formulation development, formulation stability and compatibility studies to ensure that client formulations meet International standards and necessary handling and application requirements. Many product formulation are available off-the-shelf or can be tailored to the clients specifications.

Preparation of Impurity Standards

We undertake the characterisation of Standards by Mass Spectrometry, UV, NMR and IR spectroscopy. Based on this work we prepare reference impurity standards by organic synthesis (in-house or contract synthesis) or by extraction from our client’s samples. We also undertake purification, validation and certification of standards. Agrifor Scientific has a significant library of analytical standards developed over many years including research standards for off-patent and patented chemistry.

Physical Chemistry

Our GLP analytical services extend to the physical and chemical analysis of both active substances and formulated products. Our Senior Analytical Team has over 40 years experience in providing analysis in compliance with all current standards including ISO, ASTM, DIN, AFNOR and NBR. Relevant guidelines include OECD, EEC / CE, CIPAC, SANCO, FAO and OPPTS.


Agrifor Scientific provides full regulatory support and consulting services to clients who already performed 5-batch analysis with us. We can assist you to register your active dossiers and formulations. As part of our service we answer any queries regarding our study reports and provide any requested data to the Regulatory bodies as deemed necessary. We also undertake impurity evaluation via an acceptable Quantitative Structure Activity Relationships (QSAR) database program.